How old are the members of Fall Out Boy?


Lead singer of Fall Out Boy, Patrick Martin Stumph, was born on April 27, 1984. Bassist Pete Wentz was born on June 5, 1979. Guitarist Joe Trohman was born September 1, 1984 and drummer Andrew Hurley was born May 31, 1980.
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The Band members and their ages are: Patrick Stump 24, Pete Wentz 29,
(they all kinda short) Patrick bout 5'4 pete is bout 5'6 joes bout 5'10 5'11 & Andy is 5'9-ish (im 2 inchs shorter than Patrick XD LOL still love him)
1. Dress up in the proper emo fashion. While Fall Out Boy members wear the typical emo style clothes, including tight jeans, thrift-store t-shirts, cross-trainer sneakers or well-worn
Patrick Stump- 25 Joe Trohman-24 Pete Wentz- 32 in 2 weeks Andy Hurley- 29 in 1 week T.J. "Raccine" Kunasch and Mike Pareskuwicz were replaced in 2003. Edit: Nataliee- you
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