How Old Do Baby Chicken Need to Be to Put with Older Chickens?


Baby chickens should stay under a heat lamp for a week or two before putting them with all of the rest of the chickens. This is to keep their body temperatures up.
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A baby chicken is called a chick. Chick's are not born directly by their mother's. The Hen's lay eggs. And when the eggs hatch, that's when the chicks come out.
When they are large enough to withstand the "pecking-order" abuse. The worst thing you can do is throw a young bird in with an established flock and watch it pecked to death
1. Look at the color of the chicks, first and foremost. This is the number one identifier of most birds, even when young. Leghorn chicks are hatched yellow, with yellow legs; Barred
1 Make sure you have the resources to raise chickens. Raising baby chickens is a very rewarding experience, but it is not something you should jump into too quickly. Before you decide
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