How Old Do Horses Get?


Horses can get to be up to 20 years old. The age has to do with the health and exercise. The oldest horse lived 35 years. Some people think the life of the horse deals with inherent longevity.
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A horse can live for about 30 to 40 years of age. The better care, diet and love given to a horse the longer they will live. Horses are great!
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It is hoofed mammal, an animal that have been with humans for thousands of years. During our company picnic we rode horses, is very fun and relaxing, I wish I knew how to ride it
Horses are herbivores. They will eat grass, and plants. Horses also like to eat oats, apples, grain, and carrots. Horses generally need to be fed 2 pounds of food for ever 100 pounds
Depending on what kind of food you feed (pellets or hay), the time of year it is, and the part of the country you are in, the price of a bale of hay is from $6-15 a bale, and a horse
A horse can travel about 30 miles a day. But this is if the horse is healthy, taking breaks, and the area it travels isn't hilly or treacherous.
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When buying a horse, it should not be too young or too old, an older horse is calmer, less likely to spook or run off. ...
Looking at the teeth is the best way to tell how old a horse is! Their teeth grow much like humans, at different ages of their lifespan. For more information ...
Lexi Mackinnon’s 17-year-old horse Lenamore which was also the oldest horse at the even was also Lenamore is the oldest horse to win the prestigious event. ...
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