How Old Do I Have to Be to Learn to Drive a Car?


You have to be atleasr 16 for agricultural vehicles, mopeds but the starting age is 17 for all other cars.
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1. Go to the Department of Motor Vehicles and obtain a learner's permit. This will enable you to legally practice driving if you are in a car with a licensed driver over 21 (who must
You might have learned to drive from a parent, or maybe you took driver's education in high school. You could have even taught yourself to drive!
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You can learn to drive at any age within the UK. However, it is against the law to drive on the highway until you are at least 17 years old. You can apply for ...
The minimum age for driving a car in the UK is 17 years of age. 16 is the minimum age of riding a moped or a motorbike with a maximum engine capacity of 50cc. ...
There is no upper age limit to driving. Being too old to drive, would be when the driver can no longer see well enough to make out signs and cars and if their ...
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