How Old Do You Have to Be before They Stop Summoning You for Jury Duty?


You will have to be over 70 years old, before you will stopped being summons for jury duty. Once you reach this age, you would then notify them in writing with proof, and at that point, you will be considered excused.
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I was summoned fur jury duty in a federal case by mail. I had to go to the Federal Courthouse Building, where the jury pool was interviewed. I was selected for the jury, and was also
There are directions on the jury summons for excuse/postponement; however, even in the case of an excuse, you may be required to appear in court to speak to the judge. If you're
1. Visit the United States Courts website. 2. Choose the "Jury Service" link. 3. Select your state of residence on the Court Locator map. 4. Identify the federal court where
The state judicial branch sends out jury
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