How old do you have to be to babysit?


In Britain you can baby-sit at any age while in Northern Ireland you have to be at least 13 years of age. However, if the child you’re babysitting is thought to be at risk because it is not being looked after properly, the child's parents could be prosecuted.
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Plan everything!! Plan some activities for the kids you're babysitting. But take in account the age of the child or children. If you're going to plan a craft or something challenging
1. Set up a schedule. As a babysitter, you are likely working for yourself (rather than a company) and therefore have to make and maintain your own schedule. Although it may seem
Babysitting contracts may seem unnecessary. But think about it: You wouldn't hire someone to fix your deck without a contract, so why would you hire someone to watch your child without
1. Hang fliers around your neighborhood. You may want to hang some in other communities where you would like to babysit. Be sure to include any babysitting certifications you have
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In the UK, there is no legal minimum age for babysitters but the NSPCC and Children?s legal Centre prefer having babysitters over the age of 16 years. There are no recommended qualifications for babysitters but one who is competent in first aid has an added advantage.
You can baby sit at any age whether paid or not. However, the legal guardians of the child should ensure the babysitter is responsible and well suited to take care of their child to avoid prosecution.
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The law does not give the exact age on which a person can babysit. However, the NSPCC advises that persons below 16 years should not be left alone to look after ...
In England, there is no restricted age for babysitting. You are allowed to baby-sit at any age and this applies to whether you are getting paid or not. If you ...
For many teenagers babysitting is the perfect job for them to learn responsibility and to make extra money. In many states, there are no specific age requirements ...
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