How Old Do You Have to Be to Babysit in Florida?


For many teenagers babysitting is the perfect job for them to learn responsibility and to make extra money. In many states, there are no specific age requirements to babysit. In Florida there is no set age you have to be to babysit. However, there are a few safety classes that teenagers could take like CPR and first aid for better guidance and understanding to take care of small children. Children as young as 9 years old are often eligible for these courses.
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1. Take a babysitter’s training course through the Red Cross. The Red Cross offers this course specifically for young teens to help them learn skills such as keeping children
what are the laws to beable to babysit in my home?
Babysitters should get paid between 5-15 per hour
Legally it may be okay but caring for three smaller children is a huge burden to place on even the most mature and responsible twelve year old. There are other ways for him to earn
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In Florida, the law indicates that one may babysit for family, and for ONE non family without consequences. The number of children allowed to be in the sitters ...
A babysitting license can be obtained for 12 year old children. The best way for them to get the license is to go through the Red Cross and take a course on babysitting ...
A 13 year old can find many baby sitting jobs by speaking with their parents or other trusted adults. These jobs may range from a few nights a month to a regularly ...
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