How Old Do You Have to Be to Do a Vlog on the Internet?


To make a blog on the internet, most sites require you to be at least 13 years of age, but that depends on what site it is, too. There are other sites that you can keep your own blog on, that don't have an age limit.
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a blog is sharing personal experiences and thoughts through writing entries. a vlog is sharing personal experiences and thoughts through videos. simple as that :
As broadband is becoming a more popular method of connecting to the Internet, more bandwidth intensive applications, such as online music and videos, are being posted on the Internet
you can check wikipedia or you can go here.
Hi There, You can record it on your Computer/Laptop etc. and then simply e-mail it to her, there's always an attachment option link in e-mail clients which you'll be able to choose
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The term vlog refers to a video journal that has been uploaded to the internet. This log is comprised of video clips to be downloaded and viewed straight away ...
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