How Old Do You Have to Be to Gamble?


You must be at least 18 years of age to be able to legally gamble. If you are under 18, you may not go into a public betting shop or gambling club. It’s an offence for anybody to have a betting transaction with someone who is underage. You can go into a licensed bingo club where bingo is played as long as you do not take part in the game.
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Gambling is when you take a chance with money. You may win or you may lose that's the gamble. Alot of gambling happens in casinos or at horse races.
SET ASIDE A CERTAIN AMOUNT OF MONEY, (or bankroll), to use for gambling and stick to it. Divide that between the amount of time you will spend at the casino to prevent over-spending
Gamble is taking risk in the hope that you will win. Play games for money and money that is risked for possible monetary gain. ****************************************************
1 Consider your goals. Do you want the thrill of winning one big chunk, or would you rather win several smaller pots? Do you need to make a particular amount of money, or is simply
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