How Old Do You Have to Be to Serve Alcohol?


Where alcohol is served with food there is no age requirement. However, if alcohol is served on its own e.g. at the bar, any person under 18 must have authorisation and a licensee. There should also be an adult consent for the person selling the alcohol.
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1. Pour measured shots of liquor using a shot glass. Pour into the glass slowly, holding it up to eye level. When the level of the liquid reaches the line on the side of the glass
Any party with adults over age 21 in attendance is bound to involve some alcohol consumption. And when you decide to host such a party at your house, you assume responsibility for
18 to serve alcoholl 21 to drink
1. Consider the wedding. Is it going to be quiet or loud? Usually, alcohol would make people a touch louder. Ad. 2. If you decide NOT to serve alcohol, and some of your guests refuse
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The legal age to serve alcohol in UK is 21 years of age. The age to sell alcohol mainly depends on the place of employment and the country. In most countries the legal age is between 18 years of age to 21 years of age.
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The legal age to serve and sell alcohol in Florida is 18. One must be 21 to mix and serve alcohol in a bar establishment that is not a restaurant. The drinking ...
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