How Old Do You Have to Be to Shoot a Gun?


How old you have to be to shoot a gun depends on what type of gun a person is shooting and for what purpose. For a BB gun, pellet gun, air soft gun and guns of this nature there are no laws that state how old you have to be to shoot one of these guns. If however, a person wants to shoot a shotgun for hunting purposes most states require a license and a minimum age for such use.
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When you pull the trigger of a gun, it cocks and releases the gun's hammer, that strikes the bullet's primer. That sets the powder on fire, and the gases emitted from the ignition
1. Find a good location for shooting. There are often areas that are designated specifically as shooting ranges, and whether you are shooting a bb gun or a normal firearm, these are
1 Buy a CO2 bottle or compressed air. You can get CO2 at any number of different places. Some CO2 tanks can be reused, if you don't know whether the one you want to buy can, ask.
The question can't be answered without knowing what type of shooting and what "gun" you mean (hand gun, long gun, centerfire, rimfire, muzzle loader, etc..)
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To shoot a gun you find a target, aim the gun, and pull the trigger. It's advisable to make sure the safety is off. Never shoot at someone if you're not close ...
To shoot a gun, take off any safety lock that is on it. Load the ammunition into the gun. Aim for your target carefully, and pull the trigger. If the gun is heavy ...
Shooting a gun is something that takes patience in order to have accuracy. Put the butt of the rifle stock in the pocket of your shoulder, grab the pistol grip ...
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