How Old Does a Baby Have to Be before You Give Them Baby Food?


According to my pediatrician, a baby should be 6 months old before you give them baby food. Prior to this, all nutrients should come from breast milk or formula. It is recommended that the first baby food you feed your child be baby cereal.
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Watch for developmental cues to know when to start giving your baby some baby food. When they get food, the amount of food they get, and they type of food they get will depend on
It is important for your baby to be able to sit up on their her before offering finger foods. Also, she should be able to pick up small objects with her thumb and finger. This usually
About 63 days.
Okay, here's the deal - you're gonna get a lot of controversy on this subject. My son, Gabriel, is 4 months, and 10 days old. He began to eat more than 36 oz in a 24 hr period by
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In my experience, a baby that is 6 months old and eating other types of pureed food can also have yogurt. I think that its best to try and find yogurt made especially ...
A baby puppy should be about 4-6 weeks old before feeding them dog food. Before this time their mother will supply them with her milk as a source of food. ...
Typically a baby is ready to be spoon fed around 4 months. 4 months is also the time when rice cereal can be introduced to the baby's diet. Ask your pediatrician ...
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