How Old Does a Dog Have to Be before It Can Breed?


Dogs begin to mature sexually at around six to twelve months of age for both sexes. During this time the female can mate with more than one dog during the time they have reached the peak of their oestrous cycle and conceive. They usually give birth between 56 and 72 days after fertilization with an average litter of six puppies though the number varies largely based on the bred of dog.
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at least 2 years old. Before this time the dog is not physically and mentally mature. Also, all health testing can be done on the parents by two years of age.
1. Identify the breeds to mix. Investigate the breed standards carefully, noting the genetic strengths and weaknesses of each. Speak to a veterinarian or an experienced breeder of
1. Decide the reason you want to breed dogs. Some people instantly think of money, but breeding dogs is not, and shouldn't be a road to riches. Here are some reasons you may consider
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On average, a dog should stop breeding at the age of 6 or 7. However, the main thing to age is the dog's health. This will clue you in on whether it time to stop ...
From 18 months of age to 4 years, the male dog is at prime breeding age. Before 18 months, and after 4 years, the sperm is not of the quality nor quantity to create ...
If you want to breed your dog I would at least wait until your dog is a year old and has her first cycle. Wait about 10-14 days after the start of the dogs period ...
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