How Old Does Your Child Have to Be to Sit in Front Seat in Virginia?


There is no age specifically for when a child can sit in the front seat of a car in the state of Virginia. As the law reads, a child of any age can sit in the front passenger seat in a child restraint device if the vehicle does not have a back seat, and the airbags have been disabled.
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I live in Virginia and it is when you are 12-13 years of age.
Safety belts are required for all front seat passengers
Airbags can be deployed, even in a low-speed collision, which can cause much more harm than the crash itself. Since children usually sit lower than adults, they are more at risk for
Children younger than age 13 years are safest in the rear seat of a vehicle.
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Indiana's current law does not say anything about children sitting in the front seat. It does however state that children 8 and younger be in a booster or car ...
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