How Old Is Hannah Waterman?


Hannah Waterman is an English actress. She first appeared on Television in the BBC soap opera EastEnders in the year 2000. Born on 22 July 1975 she is now 36 year old and is famous for her weight loss program.
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Hannah Waterman was born on 22 July 1975 in London, England. She is 36 years old. She is a British actress and Denis Waterman’s daughter. She has been performing since 1997. For Hannah Waterman’s biography:
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22 July 1975 , London, England, UK
Laura beale.
Hannah Waterman is the daughter of Dennis Waterman and Patricia Maynard. She was born 22 July 1975, London and is currently 31.
I don't care. She thinks she's great cause she's lost weight. But her face is still minging so who cares!
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Hannah Waterman's mother is Patricia Maynard. Born 22 July 1975, Hannah Waterman is an English actress, daughter of Dennis Waterman, who is a Minder star. She ...
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