How Old Is Jane McDonald?


Jane Mcdonald was born on 4 April 1963 in Wakefield, England. She is 48 years old. Jane is a British TV personality and a singer-songwriter, apart from being an actress. She has been associated with the BBC since 1985. For Jane Mcdonald’s biography:
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Jane McDonald is a British singer and media personality who became famous after her appearance on the BBC docusoap The cruise. She is 47 years old and co-presents a lot of daytime shows such as loose women.
Jane McDonald is 48 years old. She has worked as a singer, actress, media personality and broadcaster. Born on 4 April 1963 her firs famous appearance was in the BBC soap ‘The Cruise.’ To know more about Jane McDonald visit
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drummer from the searchers eddie
April 4, 1963 in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England, UK
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Jane McDonald, a British actress and a media personality, was born on 4th of April 1963 in Wakefield, England. She was born to parents Peter and Jean McDonald. ...
Jane McDonald's current partner is Walter 'Eddie' Rothe. They have been together since the year 2008. Jane is a media personality from Britain. She came into the ...
As of September 2011, Jane McDonald's boyfriend is Walter 'Eddie' Roth, a drummer for The Searchers band. The couple got engaged on Christmas Eve in 2008 but have ...
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