How old is Joey Feek?


As of April of the year of 2013, Joey Feek is 31 years of age. Joey Feek's full name is Joey Martin (Feek). Joey Feek was born in the city of Alexandria, Indiana. Joey Feek's duet partner is Rory Feek, who is her husband. Joey Feek started out her career by being a waitress. In fact, Joey Feek is still a waitress but she now owns her own restaurant. Besides being a waitress, she is also a singer and song writer.
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From what city is this person from? ChaCha soon!
joey - 51. rory - 43.
Joey Pollari is 15 years old. He is known for his role as Tyler Burns in Skyrunners (2009). Ask kgb_!!
If he says he is 23 years old you should believe him. Plus, Because he is so incredibly funny then he is happy and happiness keeps us young. He's 23.
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