How do you tell how old a gun is?


There is no way to tell you how old your gun is with out more information. We would have to know what kind of gun it is. Even then it would only be a rough guess based off of manufacture info. You could find the serial number and get an exact age of your gun that way.
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Wondering how to make a paintball gun? Whether you're put off by the cost or just want to understand how a paintball gun works, learning how to make a paintball gun is a great introduction
1. Insert the bolt of your gun into a vise so you can expose as much of the bolt as possible and make it easy to access. 2. Sand the entire surface of the bolt using 600 grit sandpaper
1. Get your work area ready. Gather the tools and materials you will need, as well as your broken soldering gun. Ensure the gun is completely cool and unplugged from a power source.
Most entry level paintball guns use mechanical semi-automatic action, which fires one round each time the trigger is pulled. These guns are durable, reliable and inexpensive in comparison
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