How old is my Noritake china?


Noritake China has released many patterns over the years. You will need to research your particular pattern in order to attempt to determine the age of your particular pieces.
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1. Identify the pattern name. The underside of a piece of china is where manufacturers list the pattern name or number. Look on your Noritake for that information. Also, if you have
Here is a link to my favorite website for the identification and valuation of china, crystal, and silver of all types: This North Carolina specializes
The Harvester pattern was produced by Noritake between 1954 and 1959. The best way to locate information on your pattern is to search for "Noritake (pattern name here) with a
Hi, RMiddleton, and welcome to WebAnswers: The Noritake China that you are describing could definitely be of some value. The Number 853 with the "N" could also stand for
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To find out how old your pieces of Noritake China are, you'll first need to determine what particular pattern you have. The Noritake company began making China in 1904. You can find more information here:
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