How Old is my Noritake China?


Noritake China has released many patterns over the years. You will need to research your particular pattern in order to attempt to determine the age of your particular pieces.
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1. Research and compare resale prices for Noritake china before shopping for items to sell. Search the Internet and invest in a good collectibles book on Noritake dinnerware to learn
While Noritake does not offer appraisals for current or past products, the best way to estimate the value of your china is to search for "Noritake (pattern name here) with a
That refers to a specific pattern of china, or fine tableware. The set covered by
Searching for a specific pattern on is a good way to view the value of a certain pattern. In addition, we provide some additional resources on getting appraisals
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To find out how old your pieces of Noritake China are, you'll first need to determine what particular pattern you have. The Noritake company began making China in 1904. You can find more information here:
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Noritake China is a fine china manufacturer that has been selling their wares in the United States for more than 100 years. Due to their very long history of china ...
To identify your Noritake China pattern look on the back or the bottom of the piece for a series of words or numbers. Words are the naming pattern. Older pieces ...
The Noritake China Made in occupied Japan was a product manufactured during the 1947s. It's value can range around $950.00 dollars. It is mostly bought by collectors ...
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