How old is my Singer sewing machine?


In order to determine the year your Singer sewing maching was produced, the first thing you'll need to do is locate the machine's serial number. Once you've got that, check out the serial number listing on the Singer website ( Then, just follow the menus until you've found your model.
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1. Take the machine out of its case or table. Remove bright metal trim, feet and plates and clean them with 409 cleaner diluted with water. Use canned air to blow out dust and lint
Most of the Singer 600 series were made in the 1960s. An acquaintance of mine has one and the booklet is copyrighted 1966. Hope that helps.
1. Check the machine for any missing parts. Bobbins are the first items to get lost, as are belts and attachment feet. If you have the sewing machine's manual, check carefully to
1. Inspect your sewing machine to see if it has a model number or serial number that you can use to identify it. According to the website Vintage Sewing Machines, manufacturers didn't
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