How old is my Singer sewing machine?


In order to determine the year your Singer sewing maching was produced, the first thing you'll need to do is locate the machine's serial number. Once you've got that, check out the serial number listing on the Singer website ( Then, just follow the menus until you've found your model.
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1. Make sure your bobbin is wound neatly and correctly. Holding the bobbin spool in one hand and the thread in the other, wrap the thread clockwise around the spool until it is about
1000,600 million years old.
1. Determine what type of machine you have. The most common Singer machines, no matter what year they were made, have. a type of thread guide. that falls into one of these categories
1. Remove the bobbin and the bobbin thread. Inspect the bobbin case and the bobbin compartment for bits of lint or thread. Remove all thread or lint with tweezers. Replace the bobbin
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In order to thread an old Singer sewing machine, you'll need to first thread the bobbin. After you thread the bobbin, loop the thread through the sewing machine ...
One of the earliest Singer sewing machines back dates to 1856 and is named the Turtleback. The next is the Singer New Family machine, which was introduced in the ...
The value of an antique Singer sewing machine can vary depending on the year it was made, the style and model, as well as the machine's physical and functioning ...
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