How old is my Singer sewing machine?


In order to determine the year your Singer sewing maching was produced, the first thing you'll need to do is locate the machine's serial number. Once you've got that, check out the serial number listing on the Singer website ( Then, just follow the menus until you've found your model.
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Old Singer machines have become collectibles, valued for their antique quality and history. Some also prefer these machines as more accurate sewing alternatives to the modern fast-sewing
Impossible to answer without seeing it. Take it to an antiques dealer for an appraisal.
1. Unplug the sewing machine. 2. Turn the hand wheel on the right hand side of the machine to raise the needle to its highest position. 3. Insert the needle plate screwdriver into
1. Lift the lever to raise the presser foot, then turn the hand wheel in a counterclockwise motion until the needle reaches its highest position. With the needle out of the way, you
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