How old is petrified wood?


It takes millions of years for wood to become petrified. According to isotopic geological data reported by the National Park Service, trees in the Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona are between 211 and 218 million years old.

Petrified wood results when felled trees become buried under mud or volcanic ash. The wood, sealed off from oxygen, interacts with mineral compounds, such as silica. Over millions of years the silica crystallizes within the cellular structure of the wood, at which point it is petrified. Petrified wood often takes on the colors of the minerals that have solidified in its pores.

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Practically all petrifaction takes a million years or more. However, formation by silicates can take less than 50,000 years. Some examples are estimated to be between 50 to 250 million
Petrified wood is made through the process called petrofication. The process requires wood, water and mud. The mud that covers the wood contains volcanic ash which is the key ingredient
Tumblers carve rock in much the same way nature does it, only quicker. Place a sample of petrified wood into the barrel, and the tumbler erodes rough edges and sharp points by turning
Currently, tree-ring dendrology of the Petrified woods in NC only extends back for 13,000 yrs, geologically it is about 211 million yrs ago-218 million yrs ago.
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