How Old Is the Longest Living Person?


The longest living person was 122 years old and 164 days, her name was Jeanne Calmet and she died in 1997. The list of people who lived to 113 years of age and older is surprising long and includes mostly women with only a couple of men on the list.
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The oldest living person with medical documentation was Jeanne Calment a lady from France who lived to be 122 years 164 days.
The longest living animal would have to be the giant land tortoise. These huge, slow moving vegetarians have a lifespan of 177 years in captivity!
The certifiably longest-lived person was Jeanne Calment, who was born in 1874
Time Frame A quahog clam found in the waters off of Iceland is unofficially the longest living animal. Its growth rings reportedly added up to an astounding 410 years. There have
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Jeanne Calment was said to have been the oldest person to have ever lived. She lived up to 125 years of age. For a list of the top 10 longest living people go ...
The worlds longest living person is said to be Edna Parker. However, Jean Calment from France was 122 years old when she died and Mariam Amash from northern Israel ...
The record for the longest living person is held by Besse Berry Cooper. She was born on August 26th, 1896, which makes her 115 years, 278 days old. As at her birthday ...
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