How Old Is the Moon?


The formation of the Moon is believed to have occurred 4.527 ñ 0.010 billion years ago, about 30 to 50 million years after the origin of the Solar System.
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1. Download a free moon map. These are easy to find, but the ARVAL Observatory in Argentina provides one of the best. 2. Pick a night either a couple days before or a couple days
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Earth's moon is usually estimated to be 4.53 billion years old, but recent research suggests it may be slightly younger at 4.3 billion years old.
Scientists have been studying moon rocks to determine the approximate age of the moon. Scientists believe the moon is approximately 4.5 billion years old.
The moon is about in the four and a half billion years old. The finding of the age of the moon was the studying of samples of the moons rocks.
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