How Old is the Oldest Penny?


No person or agency has kept track of coins in circulation. This is because pennies have been made of bronze or made of copper-color for about 150 years and have had the Lincoln design on them for about a century. Some of the older coins are unrecognizable to most. It is still possible to find pennies from the 1930s.
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the 1961 penny. Correction. No person or agency keeps track of what coins are in circulation. Because cents have been made of bronze or have been copper-colored for about 150 years
The earliest one-cent coin in the U.S. was struck in 1793. The earliest pennies in England
The first US penny was minted in 1787. The first British penny was minted in 790 AD.
If you mean "Oldest United States Cent" (penny is a british term) then it is 1793.….
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The oldest United States pennies were produced in 1793. The earliest pennies were made of 100% copper, and they were about the size of a Susan B. Anthony dollar.
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