How Old is the Youngest President?


The youngest President that was ever voted into office in the United States was John F. Kennedy. He was 43 years and 236 days old when he was voted into office.
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Jean-Claude Duvalier is the youngest president in the whole world. Up to now he is still the person holding that record. It's because when his father died, he took charge and became the president at the age of 19.
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A lot of people think that the youngest president of the US was John F. Kennedy, but that is wrong. The youngest president of the US was Theodore Roosevelt. He became president after
Andrew Johnson at age 18.
Theodore Roosevelt was 42 years old when he took office. John F. Kennedy was the
Theodore Roosevelt was America's youngest president, taking office at
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At the age of 42, Theodore 'Teddy' Roosevelt was the youngest President of the USA. However, by date of inauguration, Roosevelt was sworn in after the assassination ...
The youngest President to hold office was Theodore Roosevelt. He was 42 when he took over office after William McKinley was assassinated. John F.Kennedy was ...
Former President William (Bill) Clinton was elected President when he was forty six years old, making him the youngest President since John F. Kennedy. ...
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