How Old Is Trey Songz?

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Trey Songz is 29 years old.
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Trey Songz was born on November 28, 1984 and his real name is Aldon Neverson. He is a Grammy award nominated, producer, actor and American singer. After releasing several mix tapes in the name Prince of Virginia he later signed to Atlantic records in the year 2005 and released his debut album I gotta make it.
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Trey songz is 5'10" tall! Now, Fabolous is 5'11" -- if you watch the "Say Aah" video with Fabolous and Trey you can note the slight height difference between the
i think he was a dancer in honey?
Trey Songz keeps her phone number private. However, you are welcome to send her regular mail at her fan mail address. The address is, Trey Songz, Atlantic Records, 1290 Avenue of
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Trey Songz mum, April tucker was born on 20th April 1965. Trey was a shy boy during his growing up years and it is only though his friend's insistence that he ...
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