How Old Is Trey Songz Mom?


Trey Songz mum, April tucker was born on 20th April 1965. Trey was a shy boy during his growing up years and it is only though his friend's insistence that he competed in the Appomattox Regional Governor's School Talent Show in Petersburg in 1998 which made him known.
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Trey Songz is 25 years old in 2010. His mom had him when she was 17 years old. 25 plus 17 equals 42. Trey Songz mother is 42 years old (this year, 2010) she does not look a year over's_...
The renowned Trey Songz is 26 years 7 months 13 days old as of today. Src:
R&B artist Trey Songz, birth name Tremaine Neverson, is 24 years old and is 6'1" tall. He was born on November 28, 1984 in Petersburg, VA.
The R&B singer was born Tremaine Aldon Neverson in Petersburg, Va., raised a military brat, and is now one of the world's premiere names in R&B. Of course, his status as a
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