How old do you have to be to get a tattoo?


Each state in the United States has different laws regarding tattoos for minors. In at least 45 states, laws are in place prohibiting minors from getting tattoos without a parent's or guardian's written consent.

The tattoo debate has been a part of state legislation for many years. In the 45 states that have prohibited minors from getting tattoos, the laws state that if a minor receives a tattoo, then the tattoo artist is at fault. The tattoo artist can be prosecuted and may face misdemeanor charges. In 38 of these states, similar laws are also in place regarding minors and body piercings.

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Answer i am born and raised in SD you have to be 18 or some places will do it younger if you have parental consent.
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The age at which a person can legally be tattooed varies by state. Use the menu below to learn the law in your state.
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