How old was the oldest hamster?


Syrian hamsters usually live for three years. Siberian and Campbells usually live for two years and some dwarf hamsters like the Roborovski live for three years. The oldest recorded hamster is said to have been six years old.
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I don't know how old the oldest is, but my son's hamster (teddybear) lived to be just over 4 years old. Harry was a great hamster. He always had hamster vitamins put in his water
As per the Guinness Book of World Records, the oldest living hamster lived for 7
Mutty, as he is affectionately called, died on November 19, 2008. He was at least 3 years 8 months old (!) - and could have been closer to 4 years (!!) Hamsters live to be an average
1. Clean your old hamster's cage more often. Urine smell becomes stronger as hamsters age. Your hamster may have age-related bladder and kidney problems, increasing its thirst and
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