How People Adapted in the Amazon Rainforests?


People adapt to the Amazon rain forest by building shelters in high, elevated areas that are far away from swamps and riverbeds to minimize exposure to mosquitoes and away from lightening. They also ensure that they build where there is a water source and food source. They also adapt to the weather that is also wet and humid unlike the other places.
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Macaws are arguably one of the brightest, most vibrantly coloured parrot species in the rainforest. Their feathers resemble a rainbow-like pattern, making them stand-out against the
1. Travel to the country through which you wish to enter the Amazon rainforest. The two main countries are Ecuador and Brazil, according to Amazon 2. Take a bus or
this is a short description of this question as the first one wasnt as so good ok thankyou all. hope you enjoy cause i write alot im a. geek nerd hapu readigh: The Amazon rainforest
They adapt by doing physical adaptations to help them change into their environment (surroundings) Animals adapt to their habitat by living in the tops of the trees so that they can
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