How People Celebrate the Chinese New Year?


People celebrate the Chinese New Year in a variety of ways. Some decorate their doors and window panes, prepare Chinese dumplings or hand out money packets to children.
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The chinese new year is celebrated the same day the United States celebrate's Valentine's Day. That date is February 14th. That is awesome.
1. Sweep the dust and dirt of the old year from your floors to make way for the new year. 2. Decorate your house in the traditional Chinese colors of wealth and good fortune: brilliant
chinese new year is celebrated by eating rice and talking <3
1 Food: Get out some fruit, veggies and some popcorn. This is a key to let your kids know that you are planing to celebrate something. If they are older than one they now relate celebrations
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Lunar New Year is celebrated by visiting friends and family, giving gifts and red paper envelopes with money, as well as attending meals, fireworks and parades.
The Chinese New Year is a most important festival and it is so far the longest holiday in China. They celebrate by decorating the house and offering sacrifice to the kitchen god. They also prepare meals and eat together. During this time parents give out money packets to kids.
The Chinese new year is the longest and most important celebration in the Chinese calendar. During Chinese New Year celebrations people wear red clothes, write poems on red paper and give children lucky money in red envelopes. Red symbolizes fire, which according to legend can drive away bad luck. Massive displays of fireworks are also used to mark the beginning of the new year.
Chinese New Year is celebrated with great pomp dances. There is singing, arts and crafts, karaoke competition, innumerable stalls of culinary delights, lion dances, chess competitions, children’s events, calligraphy, dragon parades to name a few.
The Chinese celebrate their New Year by cleaning their house to give it a sparkling look. They believe that by doing so they will be cleaning any bad luck that has accumulated over the last one year. Since most of the Chinese consider red a lucky number, most of them will always decorate their houses with red hangings. Sacrifice is offered to the Kitchen God to make sure he gives a good report about the behaviour of the family when he goes back in heaven.
Chinese celebrate New Year by first cleaning the house to get rid of any bad luck that may have accumulated over the past year. Thereafter, they offer a sacrifice to the Kitchen god, decorate the house and cook delicious meals and eat together as a family.
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