How is rain formed?


Rain is formed by warm air that rises up into the sky. The warm air collects together to form clouds. Then, the droplets get bigger and heavier and they form rain. You can find more information here:
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Rain is basically a form of precipitation made by the water cycle. The earth's water evaporates and rises into the clouds. When a critical mass is reached, rain forms and hits on
When fossil fuel is burnt sulpher combines with oxygen to form sulpher dioxide. This reacts with oxygen and water vapor in the air and forms sulphuric acid. It may fall to the ground
Quartz is formed in one of two ways. It can freeze out of igneous rocks, or if silica is dissolved in hot water and very slowly will crystallize in the gaps of rocks or small fissures
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How is Rain Formed?
Rain is a form of precipitation in which water falls back to earth as a liquid. Precipitation that occurs in a solid form is snow or hail. There is always some water in the air, but the amount of water the air can hold depends mostly on temperature. Very... More »
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Rain is formed when air rises and it cools it causes wator vapor, when it gets warmer gravity causes the water vapor to fall causing rain droplets.
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The so called acid in acid rain is usually sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides that have been released into the air due to the burning of fossil fuels. As these ...
The oceans are the chief source of rain, but lakes and rivers also contribute to it. The Sun's heat evaporates the water. It remains in the atmosphere as an invisible ...
When freezing rain forms, its due to a mixture of warm air and cold air combining. This causes the rain to fall and freeze at the same time. Freezing rain is ...
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