How Rare Are Green Eyes?


Green eye color is the rarest with only 1 percent to 2 percent of people in the whole words having green eyes. Usually green eyes can be found in people of Nordic, Germanic and Celtic ancestry. When you see a person with green eyes, they are beautiful! You can find more information here:
Q&A Related to "How Rare Are Green Eyes"
well i have a friend with that. but besides her not a lot of people do. so i would say pretty rare. but not too rare. if that makes sence.
Green eyes account for less than 2 % of worlds population. They are the only
Out of all my friends I am the only one with Green eyes. (Rather livid green sometimes) I read somewhere that they are only common in Celtic descended people (Considering my family
It's not rare but green eyes are a recessive trait. I have green eyes, both of my siblings have green eyes and my dad has green eyes.
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