How Rare Are Green Eyes?


Green eye color is the rarest with only 1 percent to 2 percent of people in the whole words having green eyes. Usually green eyes can be found in people of Nordic, Germanic and Celtic ancestry. When you see a person with green eyes, they are beautiful! You can find more information here:
Q&A Related to "How Rare Are Green Eyes"
well i have a friend with that. but besides her not a lot of people do. so i would say pretty rare. but not too rare. if that makes sence.
Green eyes are most common in Northern and Central Europe, and also within parts
Out of all my friends I am the only one with Green eyes. (Rather livid green sometimes) I read somewhere that they are only common in Celtic descended people (Considering my family
eh? I wouldn't say rare, just uncommon. Not many people have green eyes, I know mostly gingers have green eyes. It comes with the package. lol I have dark blue-gray eyes. Now that's
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