How Rich is George Bush?


George W.Bush has several millions of dollars. He received salary as president, but he also owns an oil business in Texas. So, he is worth several million at the very least.
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Former United States President, George W. Bush, originally came from a very wealthy family. It is said that today, George Bush is worth anywhere from around $9 million to $26 million dollars.
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By Joseph Kay 1 August 2002 Use this version to print| Send this link by email | Email the author Much has been written over the past month about President George W. Bush's actions
George Bush associates his name with the Methodist religion. George Bush joins Rutherford B Hayes and William McKinley as US Presidents who are Methodists.
George W Bush's net worth is somewhere betweeen $9,634,088-$26,593,...
George Bush is very wealthy. His presidential salary is $400,000 per year. After leaving office, the former president receives a pension payment that is equal to the current pay rate
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