How Rivers Are Formed?


Rivers are flowing water that start in the mountains or high lands. Often they are fed at origin from a spring or melting snow or ice. The water flows down hill and collects more water from other sources along the way. You can find more information here:
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Rivers are formed when group of springs and streams known as headwaters having their origin in the mountains flow down to form a large stream of springs.
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A river forms when a series of small streams come together creating one larger body of water. The streams all drain a certain area, carrying the water from that area and combining
1. Tap into an existing river. Fill a pond or lake by cutting a channel from your pond back to an existing river to divert some of the water. Dig the section closest to the river
Through the tumbling and abrasive action subjected to of all kinds of rocks through erosion by moving water.
Jamaica is an island and is completely surrounded by the Caribbean Sea.
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