How are rivers formed?


Rivers are flowing water that start in the mountains or high lands. Often they are fed at origin from a spring or melting snow or ice. The water flows down hill and collects more water from other sources along the way. You can find more information here:
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Water runs downhill in rivulets, which collect into streams, which collect into creeks, which collect into rivers. Rivers are formed by gravity.
1. Tap into an existing river. Fill a pond or lake by cutting a channel from your pond back to an existing river to divert some of the water. Dig the section closest to the river
A river delta is formed from the deposition of sediments carried by a river as the river enters an ocean, sea, lake, or another river. This is because the flow velocity decreases
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Rivers are formed when group of springs and streams known as headwaters having their origin in the mountains flow down to form a large stream of springs.
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A gyre is a circular current or vortex. Gyres are often formed by wind currents in the open ocean, although geographical features in rivers and other smaller bodies ...
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