How Should a Man Shave His Face?


A man should shave his face using a good shaving cream and moisturizer. Start shaving from the sideburns going down to the neck area. Always shave with the grain of the beard to avoid irritation and injuries on the skin.
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1. Help the man get to an upright position by raising the head of the bead or putting some pillows behind him. This position is more conducive to a successful shave. 2. Place a towel
There really is no answer to this. Naturally, shaving should cause your skin to exfoliate (cause any dead skin cells to be extracted from the skin's surface and make room for healthier
The general rule is to shave in the direction of your hair
1 Appeal to his practical side. Men dig practical ideas and if it makes sense, he may consider doing it. Just telling a dude that, “it would be awesome” will most likely
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