How Should I Prepare the Ground for a Shed?


When planning to build a shed or to have a shed built, you should first make sure that the ground on the area where you will be building on is level and compact. If you believe that the area is soft, you should place additional sand and gravel on top to make it more compact.
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How to Prepare the Ground for a Shed
Whether you choose to build or purchase a pre-made shed, you do not want a leaning shed. If the shed leans because it sits on unlevel ground, parts of the shed will suffer more strain and it may prematurely fall over or cave in. A leaning shed also looks... More »
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1. Choose a site for your shed. Avoid areas above ground wires, plumbing and septic systems. You should also attempt to avoid placing the shed under overhead electrical lines. Obtain
1 Check the rules of the neighborhood. Check into any neighborhood restrictions or requirements. Simple things such as roof choice, color or visibility from the road can be addressed
Best to use 3/4" crushed rock.
use some type of anchoring system, or rebar, this site explains it well.…. There's also a how-to link below. Source(s)
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