How Similar Is Our DNA to Chimpanzees?


According to the National Academy of Sciences, the DNA of a chimpanzee is as much as 98 percent similar to that of a humans. This explains the theory that we have all evolved from primates.
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80 % the other 20% is the same as bananas.
Humans and chimps share 96 percent of the same genetic material. Pr...
about 98%, but that translates to something like 2-3 milion base pairs in difference. What is most striking is that we have more in common genetically with chimpanzees than with the
So do swine, what's your point?
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Human DNA is very similar to the DNA of chimpanzees. We share a familiar ancestry with chimpanzees and it is commonly accepted that humans did develop from apes ...
DNA supports evolution because all living organisms contain it. We can track the evolution of organisms by their similarity in DNA. The DNA of humans and chimpanzees ...
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