How smart are dolphins?


Most scientists think dolphins are about as smart as chimpanzees or dogs. They can learn to do tricks if given rewards, such as food or treats.
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In Marine World Africa, dolphins were trained to pick up litter that landed in their tanks and give it to their trainer when they saw him. The trainer was given the trash and rewarded
Dolphins are considered one of the most intelligent creatures on this earth.
The short answer to this is that we do not know. But research have shown great intellectual
Dolphins hunt in organized groups known as pods. They herd schools of fish or squid, making them small as possible. The dolphins then take turns swimming through the fish and eating
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How Smart are Dolphins?
We have all seen dolphins performing tricks in a pool such as jumping through hoops held in the air by their trainers, retrieving rings or balancing a beach ball on their noses. But, just how smart are these fascinating mammals that continue to thrill... More »
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Dolphins are very smart and playful animals. Although they live in the water, dolphins are mammals just like humans and need air to breathe, which they do out ...
Dolphins are mammals, although they resemble fish. They are known for being smart, playful, and friendly. Dolphins are fast swimmers that travel in schools. ...
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