How Soon after an Abortion Can I Become Pregnant?


After an abortion you can get pregnant in as early as two to four weeks. The ovulation in a woman's body begin as early as two weeks thereby a person should give herself at least four to six weeks duration before engaging sex subsequent an abortion.
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I'm not sure but i had an abortion, then i think 2 months later i found out i was pregnant again. : pretty much immediately. so, if you have an abortion, you need to get on birth
1. Talk to your doctor about when it is safe to start trying to get pregnant after having had an abortion. You should always rely on a doctor’s advice about your body. 2. Make
Not trying to be mean or anything but why on earth would you have an abortion only to get pregnant again. It makes no sense what so ever. You went and killed an Innocent baby just
Immediately after you finish treatment, you should spend time recovering your health. Pay attention to diet and exercise, and stick to your medication schedule. As for pregnancy,
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It really depends on how long ago you had the abortion, and what type of abortion it was. However, generally it should not affect you, and it will be just as easy ...
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You can get pregnant the first time you ovulate after removing the birth control patch. It is important to not let more than twenty four hours go without wearing ...
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