How soon can I File my Taxes?


Taxes can be filed, after January 1st. How soon you can file, depends on your employer. Your employer needs, to get your W-2, in your hands.
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Generally speaking, you can file a tax return as soon as you have all the relevant documents needed to prepare your tax return.
You can file your taxes as early as January 1st of the year for the previous year. The IRS however will not usually start processing taxes until mid January.
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Most people will wait until they receive their w2 form in the mail. However, if you do not want to wait this long then you can file for your taxes once you receive your last pay stub
To receive a refund anticipation loan, taxes can be filed with many professional tax-preparation companies as early as December. But you must return to the tax preparer when you have
As soon as you know all of your information. Wages, interest, investments, deductible expenses, etc. Theoretically, you could file on January 1, XXXX. However, employers, banks, etc
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You can file taxes as soon as you get your W2 from your employer. If you are self employed you can file taxes as soon as January 1st of the year following the ...
You can file your taxes as soon as you get your W-2 forms. The earlier you file them, the better, because you're likely to get your return a lot sooner. ...
You can file your income taxes as soon as you get them. You can do this for free online if you are computer savvy or you can take them to a tax specialist. ...
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