How Soon Can I Get My Prescription Refilled?


A prescription can be refilled up to four days before the end of the last day that the last prescription was obtained. For instance, if the current prescription was filled on October 13th, it can be refilled on November 9th.
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You can fill your prescription after using
What you heard was right. The earliest a pharmacy will usually fill a pain medication is three days before it's due date. Darvocet is a very low potency pain medication. It contains
1. Call the prescribing pharmacy in New York and ask how they suggest you transfer the prescription to Florida. Big retailers with pharmacies or drug store chains such as Target,
when days supply is used up. You can usually get a refill a day or two before you run out, unless it is a narcotic drug. Sometimes if you are going on vacation, you can get as early
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A pharmacy will be able to read your prescription and tell you precisely when you can get another refill. This is based on each individual prescription as it is written by their physician.
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Tylenol 3 is an opioid, which also means that it is considered a narcotic. Narcotics require a new prescription for each refill and are closely monitored by the ...
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