How Soon Do You Know If You Have Dry Socket after Having Teeth Pulled?


You will know if you have dry socket after having teeth pulled by the end of the first day. You can get dry socket from smoking or using a straw after you have had a tooth pulled. You can rinse with saline the second day after surgery or your doctor my prescribe an antibiotic to help with the dry socket.
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1. After any tooth extraction by a general dentist or oral surgeon, proper care of the open area to prevent a dry socket is very important and the aim is to eliminate all of the possible
Keep your fingers and tongue away from the
Eating after treatment of a dry socket when a tooth was pulled, is usually a matter of comfort. Try not to eat anything like nuts, that will lodge in the socket. You may want to stick
Not medical advice - A dry socket occurs when a blood clot is lost prematurely from extraction site.
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