How Soon Do Your Breast Hurt When Pregnant?


When you become pregnant, your body begins making HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin), the pregnancy hormone, as soon as the egg is fertilized and attached to the womb. This hormone signals the breasts to start preparing for feeding the baby and they begin to get sore. For some women this happens immediately, for some it takes a couple of months.
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Answer I am pregnant, and I'm in my seventh week. I took the PG test a couple days ago because I had noticed that I was having PMS symptoms, but no bleeding. I would say that they
Sore breasts is an early pregnancy symptom. With
I'm pretty sure you're ok. You don't ovulate until 14 days after the first day of your last period - so if I understand this right, there was not an egg there to be fertilized yet
Not medical advice: It is one of the very first signs of pregnancy, hormones can cause tenderness.
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When you are pregnant your breasts do itch. They also become tender and sore. The reason that breasts itch is because of the stretching as they grow during pregnancy ...
When your breasts start hurting during pregnancy is different for every woman. Some women feel no real pain at all and only feel a little discomfort. Other pregnant ...
Breasts can itch a lot when a woman is pregnant due to the fact that they are growing larger. The skin is stretching, and that is what causes the itching. ...
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