How Strong Is White Widow?


White Widow is a strain of Cannabis, or as most know it, Marijuana. It's a very popular and well loved strain as well, prized for it's high quality, as well as potency. Thus it's safe to say that White Widow is strong, but very good. Of course, please make sure that if you are using it, you are using it medically, or in one of the states that recently made Marijuana legal.
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Some pretty good stuff man. Recommend.
White Widow is a very unique strain with a good strong high, excellent taste very light. ChaCha
Not legal advice: White Widow is considered the highest grade & strongest. We don't condone drug use.
1. Examine the shape of the leaves carefully. The leaves of White Widow plants are almost oval shaped and have serrated edges. 2. Study the plant's color. While White Widow plants
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A strong marijuana plant with big buds and loads of thc ...
A strong marijuana plant with big buds and loads of thc ...
White widow refers to a strain of cannabis that is developed by Dutch seed breeder Lngemar. It is a good appetite enhancer like most of indica marijuana, although ...
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