How Tall Are Great Danes?


The Great Dane is one of the World's tallest dog breeds that originated from Germany. It is also known as the German Mastiff. Adult males can grow up to 76 to 78 Centimetres, while adult females can grow to a height of 63 to 68 Centimetres.
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Great Danes are the second tallest breed of dog with the only the Irish Wolfhound being taller. The average height for male Great Danes is 34 inches at the shoulders and 32 inches at the shoulders for females.
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great danes are very tall they could be about 3 and a half to 4 feet tall. On average the normal sized female is 125 lbs. And males 150. But alot get bigger. I have a friend that
Great Danes are about 30-34 inches (male) & 28-32 inches for females. They weigh about
Great Danes are one of the biggest breeds of dog on the planet. They are usually about 3 feet tall when standing on all fours, and weigh between 100-200 pounds each. You can find
1. Consider a Great Dane if you're looking for a loyal watchdog. Size alone should prove intimidating to strangers. 2. Choose a Great Dane if you have children or other pets. These
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The average male Great Dane is 30' to 34' tall. The females average a couple of inches shorter. The tallest Great Dane recorded in 2004, was 42'. ...
A male Great Dane can grow to be between 150-160 pounds and 37-38 inches tall and the females can get to be 125-135 pounds and 33-34 inches tall. ...
The Great Dane is a large dog. The females are usually 28 inches tall and weigh 100 lbs plus. The males are usually 30 inches tall and weigh 120 lbs plus. They ...
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