How Tall Is a Polar Bear?


Polar bears are the largest bear and males on average, are 900-1500lbs. They also stand at an average of 8-8.4 feet tall. The largest polar bear on record was over 2200lbs. You can find more information here:
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On average polar bears are 5 feet tall at the shoulder. When standing upright males tend to be between 8-10 feet tall, while females are considerably smaller and stand between 6-8
1. Plan your trip. The most successful time to hunt polar bear is between February and April of each year. This is when the bears are most mobile and looking for food to bulk up after
Standing on hind legs, a large male polar bear is as tall as an elephant or
Polar bears were used to attempt to change the Valenzetti equation; a mathmatical prediction to when human kind would vanish. The DHARMA initiative aimed to change this equation and
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