How Tall is a Refrigerator?


A refrigerator can be as tall as sixty-eight inches and up. That would mean that they are as tall as 5' 8' and taller, it depends on the refrigerator.
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A standard refrigerator is 5'8" tall, and weigh anywhere between 250 lb. - 300 lb.
6 foot 2 inches is the average height for a household refrigerator, the door
lift up your arm, there you go.
This will effect the size of doors and to keep revel the same of other cabinets, door will have to be cut also if possible. The other alterative is to center doors on new opening.
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A refrigerator that is 68.5 inches tall will not fit in an opening that is 68.5 inches high. You must have a minimum of 4 inches clearance for a refrigerator to ...
As a cabinet maker during the time I built cabinets the most common height of a refrigerator was 67 to 68 inches (1700mm) tall. Refrigerators vary widely in heights ...
Conventional full-depth refrigerators have typical depths between 30 and 32 inches. They are normally between 35 and 42 inches wide and 67 to 72 inches tall. This ...
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