How Tall Is a Smurf?


According to Matt Murray, the author of The World of Smurfs, a smurf is three apples tall. This is a literal translation from a French saying that means something tiny. When the smurfs were illustrated, it was usually left to the cartoonist to decide how large they wanted to draw them.However, in the cartoon world, it was generally believed that the smurfs were about six inches tall. When toy makers made life size smurf dolls, they made them to be six inches tall.
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3 Apples High.
Papa Smurf is 2 inches tall. Cha Cha.
3 Apples High, says the creator Peyp. The Smurfs are tiny, blue creatures who live in mushroom houses.
6 inches maybe?
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An adult smurf is three apples high.
The smurfs is a comic and television franchise that is based on a group of blue fictional creatures who were called smurfs who are 3 crab apples tall. It was first created by Belgian cartoonist Peyo as a series of comic strips in 1958 before it was adapted into television children’s series decades later.
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