How Tall Is a Stack of Dollar Bills?


The height of a stack of dollar bills depends on one important factor. How many bills are in the stack or the monetary value of the bills is necessary to formulate and answer. A stack of bills equaling one million dollars would be 4,000 inches tall or just over 333 feet.
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A quick search I just did said that a dollar bill is .0043 inches
10780 miles tall. 15.884tril debt.
4 million inches (approx. 63 miles tall)
Moon is 238,857 miles from Earth. A dollar bill is 0.0043 inches thick. 3.52 trillion dollar bills stacked to reach the Moon, that's only about 30% of US debt!
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If you were to stack a million one dollar bills on top of each other, you would have a stack of bills that totaled 4000 inches tall! If you divide the 4000 by ...
How tall a stack of 100 dollar bills is depends on how many bills you have. If you had $100,000 worth of bills, it would be about 4 inches high. ...
A one dollar bill is .0043 inches thick, so 350 billion one dollar bills ...
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